Service and Repair

Every Morgan car is delivered in high reliability, but a routine maintenance is still crucial to keep your beloved car in best condition. The service centres in our dealers throughout China are well equipped with up-to-date devices and our team of technicians are well-trained and experienced. You and your car will be treated with utmost welcome and care.

Normally there are hardly any faults occur on Morgan cars, we still, however, provide 2-year warranty upon part repairing. Within the warranty period, our team will offer part repairing or changing services using original parts and technology from Morgan factory.


Based on different models, the corresponding service schedule will help your Morgan glamour consistently.

Our after-sales teams in all dealers in China are well trained and are ready welcome you.


We will provide you the original parts from Morgan factory in the UK. Meanwhile we will choose high quality optional products to meet your personalised requirement.

Service Centres


D2-01, Tuner Tribe (Ku Che Xiao Zhen), Jia 1 Jinchanxi Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-65530942


140 Xianggangzhong Road

Tel: 0532-68868888


2 Xinyuan Nanyi Road, Singapore Industry Area, Chengdu

Tel: 028-85183333


1st Floor Yongda International Mansion, 2277 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-68812038